Dungeon Delve – Arcane Trap Dice Set

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Norse Foundry x The Rollsmith – An Adventure Awaits. Whether you’re walking past a commotion in the new town you’ve set into or are treading through rogue-filled woods, tricksters are bound to find their way to you. With their quick-wit and finely honed stealth, these tricksters, rogues, and thieves are likely to put your character off course and strip them of resources and gold. A prepared character, however, can strike the tricksters’ fate with their blade, ending the short trail of deceit and vandalism.

Norse Foundry x The Rollsmith – An Adventure Awaits. Traps can be waiting for you anywhere. Whether it’s an undetectable pressure plate, hidden rune, or just about any inconspicuous object, a single misstep can open up a trap door to a pit of burning fire or shoot arrows from the ceiling, or worse. Without alert movements and careful inspection, while delving into a dusty old cave or the ruins of an ancient building, unwary adventurers can be crushed, burned, choked, or stabbed to their doom. Crafted in a smooth, silvery aluminum and coated with a bright pink enamel finish, this dice set is like an arcane trap that hides its wrath under a cheerful facade. With intricately carved skulls at the corners, this set is dangerously gorgeous.

The set contains the following dice: D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100.

This product requires the purchase of the “Foundry VTT” software and the installation of the free “Dice So Nice!” module.

Buy the physical Dice Set here: https://www.norsefoundry.com/collections/dungeon-delve/products/dungeon-delve-arcane-trap

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