Dungeon Delve – Vampiric Corruption Dice Set

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Norse Foundry x The Rollsmith – An Adventure Awaits. Whether you’re walking past a commotion in the new town you’ve set into or are treading through rogue-filled woods, tricksters are bound to find their way to you. With their quick-wit and finely honed stealth, these tricksters, rogues, and thieves are likely to put your character off course and strip them of resources and gold. A prepared character, however, can strike the tricksters’ fate with their blade, ending the short trail of deceit and vandalism.

Norse Foundry x The Rollsmith – An Adventure Awaits. The skies seem darker than ever, trees start to wither, thereโ€™s just a general sense of eeriness all around. Thereโ€™s just one possible explanation for this: Vampiric Corruption. When these undead creatures of the night infiltrate the land of the living, they subtly but surely infuse their vile energy into the air. As they derive energy for dark magic and blood for sustenance from the living, foul energies accumulate and the land itself becomes blighted and accursed. Embodying the cold, vile spirit of the Vampires, this dice set is designed in a striking combination of red and silver and is accented with blue skulls at the corners.

The set contains the following dice: D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100.

This product requires the purchase of the “Foundry VTT” software and the installation of the free “Dice So Nice!” module.

Buy the physical dice set here: https://www.norsefoundry.com/collections/dungeon-delve/products/dungeon-delve-vampiric-corruption

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